How to Use Photopea to Change Image Dimensions Online

Published: Mar 9, 2018
3 min read
Last updated: Mar 10, 2018

At some point, you may have to do some image editing like cropping, rotating or resizing. Photopea is an advanced online image editor with many features. Instead of installing an image editor on your desktop just for simple tasks, you can use Photopea which runs on your browser. The best part is it doesn't upload your image anywhere, nothing leaves your browser.

Many times, when your image doesn't meet the dimension requirements, the site doesn't allow you to upload the image. Sometimes you are allowed to upload it. Either way, you won't be able to upload your image or even if you are able to do, it doesn't look good on the site because of unmet dimensions.

To rectify this, you have to change the dimensions of your image, in other words, you've to resize your image. Read - guidelines to resize images.

cartoon network logo
Original Image 390 X 257 pixels

To explain better, let's take the above Cartoon network logo (.png) and we're going to resize it to 320 x 132 pixels using Photopea. There're 5 steps in this process.

1. Create a Transparent Layer

The very first step is to create a transparent layer with required dimensions. Open Photopea, select File → New, or press Ctrl + N. In our example, width is 320, height 132, select transparency as background. Click on create. This layer will serve as a background to our image.

file new dialog on photopea

2. Open your Image and Resize

Now, open your image, File → Open or press Ctrl + O. Your image opens in a new tab. To resize the image, select Image → Image Size. As explained in the image resizing guide, determine if you have to go with the height or width. Our example has to go with the height, so check Keep Aspect Ratio, input 132 in the height textbox and press Enter.

The other parameter will change automatically. Here, the width will change to 200. Now, click OK. You've resized your image successfully.

resizing image on photopea

3. Copy and paste your Image on Transparent Layer

Select the whole image by pressing Ctrl + A or select Select → All. After selecting, copy the image, press Ctrl + C or select Edit → Copy. Switch the tab to transparent layer and paste your image by pressing Ctrl + V or select Edit → Paste. After pasting, your transparent layer looks like,

pasting image on transparent layer photopea

4. Align the Image horizontally center and vertically middle

Your image is on extreme left on the transparent layer. To center-align, select Move tool from the sidebar and check distances on the top toolbar.

move tool on photopea

Now the transparent layer looks like the one below. It has grids with numeric values in pixels which makes it easy for you to center align. Here, there is transparent 120px free space right to the image.

image with distance grids photopea

You can leave 60px on both right and left side of the image to center-align it as the image occupies the whole height 132px. Just click on the image and drag it to the right till it becomes 60px on both sides.

center aligned image photopea

You may have to move the image up or down, based on the aspect ratio of your image.

5. Save the image

You must be ready to export the image. Select File → Export as → PNG. If you select JPG, the background becomes black, so select PNG or GIF. Now, choose the quality you want and click on Save. Your saved image,

cartoon network logo resized to 320 x 132 pixels keeping aspect ratio intact and horizontally center and vertically middle aligned
Dimensions - 320 x 132 pixels

Your image has achieved required dimensions and it will look good after uploading.

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