Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

Google add-ons developed and distributed by this website access user data with proper consent and the access is strictly restricted to the scope of the services the add-ons provide.

We don't share your data with any third parties. We may store some information such as your email address. When you choose to pay for our Google add-ons, we will collect and store your IP address and the derived geolocation from your IP address to fight the payment disputes we may get.

We collect this information to generate user license, communicate billing issues, limit your usage at the end of the trial period and send rare product related updates. We can assure you the information we gather is minimal and confidential.

In future, if you don't want to use our add-ons for any reason, you can remove it easily from your Google app.

The Google Sheet add-ons YT Tracker & YT Metrics use YouTube API Services for all video/channel/analytics data. Also, please ensure you comply with Google privacy policy.

We use third-party payment processing services such as PayPal, Stripe and Paddle to capture user payments. Paypal, Stripe or is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paypal, Stripe or Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns. Your credit card details are stored by our third-party payment processing services and we can't access it.

Terms of Service

The information we gather from the user is protected and confidential. We take utter care in following security standards. No mode of electrical storage or transmission is 100% secure hence, we can't guarantee its absolute security.

Our software and services are not targeted to users under 13 years of age and we don't knowingly collect personal information from that age group users.

Please check the YouTube Terms of Service if you use YT Tracker or YT Metrics.

Subscription Cancellation Policy

We provide monthly & annual subscription services for the Google add-ons Drive Explorer and YT Tracker. After the initial purchase, your subscription renews automatically at the end of the subscription cycle. You will receive emails from us after every subscription renewal.

You can cancel your subscription anytime from a Google Sheet you own by selecting Add-ons → Drive Explorer/YT Tracker → License Details → Cancel subscription.

After the successful cancellation, you can access the premium features till the end of the subscription cycle.

Warranties & Disclaimer

Our software services are provided in 'as is' basis. We take utter care in making the software useful and error-free. However, we are not liable in any case for the loss of data or business due to the use of or inability to use our software.

This user policy is bound to change and we encourage our users to check this page from time to time. We may also send emails before the change of policy.

Contact us

For any queries, feel free to contact us.

This policy is effective from June 17th, 2021.