How to Get & Copy Path of Google Drive Files & Folders

Published: Mar 12, 2023
3 min read
Last updated: Mar 12, 2023

On Google Drive, it's not straightforward to find the path of a file/folder especially when it is nested inside more than 4 levels.

Below is what you see in the Google Drive dashboard when you're 4 levels inside a folder. You need to click on the ellipsis to know the exact path, which is not ideal.

google drive deep nested folder

In this post, I'll explain 2 different ways you can find & copy the path of a Google Drive folder/file.

The first way lets you check the complete path on the browser itself. In the second method, we will make use of the official Google Drive for Desktop application.

Path of Google Drive files on Browser

This is the simplest way you can get the path. For this, you need to add the Drive Explorer add-on to your Google account. It's a 2 step process.

  1. Visit Drive Explorer on the Google workspace marketplace.
  2. Select install and authenticate.

You can check how the permissions it requires are used.

Now, finding the path of a Google Drive file is a 4 step process.

  1. Right-click one or more files on your Google Drive.
  2. Select Open with → Drive Explorer.
  3. In the tab opened, select Fetch files and authorize Drive Explorer.
  4. You will see the file path in one of the columns.

In that tab, specific details about the file(s) you selected are listed. The path is one of them. How easy is it?

drive explorer file path

With Drive Explorer, you can check folder size, sort your Google Drive files by size, get image URL and much more.

Path of Google Drive files on your Mac/PC

This method requires Google Drive for desktop installed on your computer. After installing, log in to your Google account.

When asked, select Stream files as your sync option. This creates a virtual copy of your Google Drive on your system. If you choose Mirror files, all of your Google Drive files are downloaded to your system.

Hence, the Steam files option lets us save space on your hard disk and we can check the path of files with both sync options.

On Mac

After you install Google Drive, open Finder, and you will see Google Drive on the sidebar.

google drive for desktop on mac

Select Google Drive and search the file for which you need the path by pressing Cmd + F. Make sure you select Google Drive in the top bar to reduce the search time.

mac searching within google drive

Once you see the file you are interested in, right-click and press and hold the Option key. Now, select Copy {{filename}} as pathname. You will get something like below.

/Users/ganapathy/Library/CloudStorage/ Drive/Tax & Audit/FY22-23/August/august-bank-statement.xlsx    

Whatever you see after My Drive is the path of that file.

copying pathname on mac

Alternatively, you can press Cmd + Option + C after selecting the file to copy the path.

On Windows

As Mac, after you install Google Drive for desktop, you will see Google Drive in the sidebar of Windows Explorer.

google drive for desktop on windows

Select Google Drive in the sidebar and search for the file you are interested in finding the path.

You can use Ctrl + F shortcut to focus the search bar and type the name of the file and press Enter.

After you find the file, right-click, and select Copy as path. What you get in the clipboard will be as below.

"G:\My Drive\Chumki Wedding Album\Haldi"

What is after My Drive is the path.

copy path windows

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